About Deanna

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I help you work with your unique body, and take into consideration how everything in your life affects your health and wellness.

At the first glance, you may think what a Holistic Nutritionist does is not much different from a conventional dietician, or a diet program. However, there are some subtle nuances that make our approach superior in terms of creating positive changes that last – instead of delivering a Band-Aid solution.

As a Holistic Nutritionist:

  • I work with the concept of bio-individuality. My approach is client-driven. Instead of getting a one-size-fits-all meal plan based on a cookie-cutter approach or one fad diet, I create customized plans for my clients based on their individual circumstances, lifestyle habits, health condition and other needs. 
  • I approach nutrition as “whole foods”, instead of compartmentalizing them into individual nutrients such as calories, carbs, proteins, fats etc. Why? Because the synergistic relationship among these various components when they are ingested in the form of whole foods deliver much more benefits than when they are taken as individual nutrients.
  • With my nutrition program, during which I work with my clients over several months with sessions that last approximately 60 minutes, I am able to be with them every step of the way so that we are able to look into lifestyle choices and work on changing habits, resulting in meaningful and positive behavioral changes that last for a long time, delivering long-term health benefits.
  • My coaching is goal-, action- and result-oriented. My approach focuses on implementation and integration so that healthy changes are integrated into your life. We live in the age of information overload – you don’t need more information, you need to know which information to use and how to make them work for your life.
  • Instead of treating the symptoms, I work with my clients to get to the underlying causes of their health concerns. We look at how issues such as stress, emotional distress, physical activities, lack of “soul nourishment” etc. affect our overall wellbeing. I help my clients cultivate the awareness to improve all areas of their lives.
  • I support my clients to work with their body on healing itself so that they can eventually reduce the amount of medication that they rely on.
  • Instead of forcing my clients to stick to some “plan” which does not work for them, I first listen to my clients’ needs and concerns, then work with them to get over blocks or resistance, making any behavioural changes they make, stick.

My programs are available in person in my office in Owen Sound or online across the country.  Digestion, Food Sensitivities, Energy and Hormone Balance, Weight Loss and Wellness. 


Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Deanna graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2008 and set up practice in Owen Sound, Ontario.  Following which, she completed her Electrodermal Screening education with world renown Naturopath Dr. Robert Cass at The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences in London, Ontario.
Deanna's passion is education and sharing that with her many clients as they work together to devise a suitable plan to help the body return to balance.  Knowing that the Holistic approach is integral to clients' success, and feeling a profound connection to the Energy Body, Deanna has also completed her First and Second Degree Reiki Training in Usui Reiki, as well as Level 1&2 Chakra Balancing.
" I lost my mother to cancer when I was only 24.  She was 44 at the time, and taken way too soon.  I could never understand why she had to be taken from us so young and full of life.  She was not one to party, drink or smoke and lived her life simply. I struggled with the meaning behind this for many years.  I believe it is what lead me to change my career path from Business Manager to a Holistic Health Practitioner.  I wanted to insure that no one else in my family would have to suffer with such grave illness, and if I could learn how to improve the lives of my family it would some how honour her life.  I am privledged to work with my many clients young, old, male, female; seeing their improvements gives me more incentive to further my education so that I may better serve them."
Deanna's passion is to help people shed old patterns and emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon.  Change is easy when you have the support and guidance to take simple steps one at a time.  Each client is listened to and supported from where they are, and strategies implemented are created with the client in mind.   Nutritional changes, supplement guidance, and cleansing are all utilized alongside energetic healing such as reiki and chakra healing.  The EAV/EDS is also another tool used when creating a supplement plan to support digestive issues, hormone balance, and detoxification.