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Do I need to cleanse?

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The Benefits of Cleansing

In this day and age, everyone is searching for a better way to a healthy lifestyle, through exercise and a healthy diet. Body cleansing is one of the best methods that you can rely on to deliver on its promises because it not only works a great deal on your body, but on your mind and spirit as well, especially for people who are struggling with the Inability to lose weight, Chronic pain, and Fatigue.

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing is the process of ridding the body of toxins, heavy metals, and parasites that are present in our body. It mainly addresses the detoxification of the body’s vital organs that are responsible for the absorption of nutrients and the removal of waste byproducts such as the liver, kidneys, the gallbladder, and digestive tract. These organs play a major role in our body’s operating system as follows:

  • The Liver is the largest organ in the body and hence has the most work such as excretion of toxic waste in the form of cholesterol and drugs, it metabolizes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, stores vitamins and minerals and detoxifies and purifies the blood.
  • The Kidneys control the production of red blood cells, removes waste products from the blood, balances the body’s fluids, and regulates the body's acid contents, salt, and potassium levels.
  • The Gallbladder stores bile, produced by the liver and it is important for the digestion of food, 
  • The Digestive Tract is responsible for the breakdown of food into molecules which are then absorbed into the body in the form of nutrients and minerals.

Why we need to cleanse:

Due to the unhealthy consumption of processed foods, fatty junk foods, low-fibre foods, microwave depleted meals and carbonated drinks, depletes the body’s mechanism and it can no longer function at its best when it comes to digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

That is why many people suffer from an inconsistent bowel movement, indigestion, bloating, food allergies and sensitivities, irritable bowel syndromes, heartburn, and obesity because the body is incapable of ridding itself of all the accumulated toxic waste. This not only poisons the gut, it damages the other vital organs too.

A body cleanse helps this overworked organs of the body return to their normal working capacity.

Benefits of a Cleanse:

  1. Rid the body of harmful toxins, metals, and accumulated waste in the form of fecal matter in your gut.
  2. It is fantastic for anyone struggling with the inability to lose weight because a cleanse will kill the bad bacteria that causes toxicity and weight gain.
  3. A cleanse will maximize your body’s intake of healthy nutrients and minerals that are important for the production of energy and you will feel invigorated and energized.
  4. The effects of a cleanse will leave you feeling less bloated.
  5. You will have an improved digestion.
  6. Inflammation is your body’s reaction to unnatural substances that invade it. Chronic inflammation can lead to Chronic pain such as migraines, autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases. A cleanse will rid your body of these toxins responsible for inflammation.
  7. A number of lifestyle choices and factors such as smoking, drinking, pollution, stress, lack of exercise to name a few can contribute to excess Fatigue and Lack of sleep. A body cleanse will flush your system clean and you will feel rejuvenated and your sleep patterns will be restored.
  8. People who suffer from Brain fog often feel confused, forgetful, and lack focus due to an imbalance in your body which can be a medical or lifestyle related. A healthy brain is the first line of defense against mental disorders and depression. A cleanse will get rid of the toxins in your body accumulated through an unhealthy diet. Within no time, you will feel lighter and well focused.
  9. Infections such as Candida, such as vaginal yeast infections, fungus infections, skin rashes are very common in people who are overweight, people with weakened immune systems, people with Inflammatory disorders, and diabetes. With a cleanse, your body will be able to remove the Candida colonies responsible for this infection.


You need a Cleanse now:

Your body has a way of letting you know when something is amiss. Unfortunately, most of the times these signs go unnoticed or completely ignored, which can be detrimental to your wellbeing. In many known cases, one might suffer from recurring symptoms of the same illness and even a trip to the doctors and copious amounts of medicine do nothing to help or alleviate the symptom. Very many people have ignored minor cold symptoms by thinking it an allergic reaction or hay fever. This is an indication that your immune system is low if not non-existent. You know your body best and you are in the position to help yourself. You need a cleanse if you are exhibiting the following physical signs or symptoms:

  1. You are moody or constantly fatigued.
  2. You suffer from insomnia and often disturbed sleep patterns.
  3. You are constantly bloated or suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome.
  4. You are overweight and resistant to weight loss.
  5. You have constant infections such acne, itchy skin conditions and Candida
  6. You are retaining fluids.
  7. You are suffering from gallbladder issues.
  8. Autoimmune disease.
  9. Congested sinuses or repeated sinus infections.
  10. Bad breath, especially if your tongue is covered white or yellow coating.
  11. Excessive overheating and sweating.
  12. You have an explained craving, especially for sugar.
  13. Excessive urination.
  14. Dehydration.
  15. Yellowing of the eyes due to excessive drinking

If you are showing more than five signs on the above list, this means that your liver needs a cleanse, your gut is backed up with toxins and needs a flush and your system has slowed down and needs a boost. A good body cleanse is as good as giving your insides a thorough scrub. It is filled with essential minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that your vital body organs need for an optimum functionality.

Always beware of cleansing products or programs that are promising unrealistic results. A good body cleanse must never have a negative response in your body. You will know that it is a bad cleanser if you have the following adverse reactions:

  1. You were fatigued before but you are showing even more serious signs of chronic fatigue.
  2. You frequent the bathroom more than normal. A normal toilet break consists of 3 – 5 visits. Be wary if you go over that.
  3. Water retention will be a sure sign that the cleanse is not working. You will notice that you have excessive swelling on your face, feet, and hands.
  4. Skin rashes or darkening certain parts of the skin. Increases hair dandruff and itching.
  5. Pain passing stool and urine. In severe cases, passing blood. Too much diarrhea
  6. Constant headaches and nausea.
  7. An unhealthy weight loss or not losing weight at all.

A healthy cleanse program is matched with a healthy diet and a regimented course of exercises. It is meant to rid your body of all unpleasant toxic materials, give your body the boost it needs and rev up your metabolism. Anything less than that is not advisable.  
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