Sunday, 07 May 2017 20:54

Self-Care For Mother’s Day

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We all do it, I am guilty of it too: not allowing enough time (or any for that matter) for ourselves. We are busy people, always rushing from here to there, running errands, trying to drop the kids off on time, preparing food, cleaning the house, walking the dog - making sure that everyone else is happy. But where does that leave us? Usually overtired and somewhat unhappy.

This Mother’s Day I challenge you to take some time for yourself and increase your happiness factor. I don’t mean taking an hour to sleep in on exactly Sunday the 14th of May – I mean scheduling time for yourself on an ongoing basis. How can this be done? Well, by starting out slow, creating time and then rekindling something that you have put on the backburner.

1. Find some time for you -  Take a walk, go to a yoga class, pour a glass of wine and a bubble bath and lock the door.  Make it a priority to just shut out the world for an hour or two and enjoy some time to yourself.

2. Improve your sleep - Improving your sleep can be accomplished in a couple of ways. First, turn off your smartphone and laptop 1 hour before bed time. The blue screen from these devices tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime and makes it harder to fall asleep. Second, download all that info that is swirling around in your brain – that is, make a to-do list before bed, or just write down the things that are bothering you, so they won’t keep you up at night.

3. Spend one hour doing something that you love - Knitting, gardening, baking, reading, chatting with a friend, drawing, dancing, singing, cuddling, walking, biking, soaking up some rays…the sky is the limit. By incorporating something into your day that you left behind once the kids came around you will start to feel like you are yourself again – boosting your happiness.

I know some days are harder than others, and that we all are super busy, but taking these small steps will help you in the long run, and your improved mood will also reduce the stress level in your house, bumping that happiness factor up even more.