3 Ways to Calm Your Sugar or Salt Cravings

Have you written your cravings off as normal because you’ve been experiencing them for so long? It’s possible that you’ve created quick fix solutions to satisfy those cravings just so they don’t drive you crazy.
There is no shortage of “health” products that make BIG claims to help you lose fat, get rid of cravings or balance your hormones. You’ve probably already bought or tried many of these products in an effort to slim down.
Even with all of the free information available now it’s seems harder than ever to get a straight and reliable answer from a trusted source on how to balance your hormones, stabilize blood sugar levels and lose weight without depriving yourself, feeling depressed or angry.
Here’s the harsh reality…
There is no one single food, pill, powder or tea that will give you the results you are looking for.
While that might be hard to hear it’s true.
When you have cravings it’s a result of multiple of physiological triggers that come together to signal you to eat, usually a sugary or salty food. In fact, the signal to eat something sugary or salty can sometimes be so strong that no amount of willpower can overcome it.
So how do you overcome your cravings in a realistic way that is maintainable long-term?

Tip # 1 Ditch The Idea Of The Magic Pill Solution

No matter what your friends, colleague’s, Doctor’s, health food store or Dr. Oz says there is NO one magic pill to get rid of cravings or help you to lose weight.
Yes, there are certain supplements that support blood sugar stabilization, but if you first don’t remove the food triggers no amount of supplements will help you.

Common Food Triggers:
Diet Coke or diet beverages
Dried fruit
Flavoured oatmeal

When you are constantly looking for a quick fix magic pill to end your cravings and solve your weight problems you deny your personal responsibility involved in your behaviour (food) choices.
You can start by accepting that it will take work and effort to balance your hormones and lose weight. After all, you didn’t put the weight on in 14 days… it’s not going to come off in 14 days.

Tip # 2 Start Your Day With P & F
Do you know why oatmeal is considered to be a good breakfast choice?

Why are eggs a popular breakfast food?
What you choose for your first meal of the day is probably the most important food choice you can make when you are trying to calm cravings and lose weight. This is because your break-fast sets your hormonal tone for the day.
So when you choose foods that spike blood sugar, even if they are “healthy” you are not setting yourself up for an energetic, craving-free day. Just because something is touted as healthy doesn’t mean that it’s the right food choice for you.
Start your day with PROTEIN & FIBRE to stabilize blood sugar, help you to feel full and energetic all day long.

Good P & F Choices:
1 cup plain Greek Yogurt + 2 tbsp of chia seeds
2 whole eggs with 1 cup of blackberries (or mixed berries)
Shake with 1 scoop of protein powder with 2 tbsp of chia seeds
Chia seed pudding made with 1 scoop of protein powder

Tip # 3 Know The Foods That Cut Cravings
Even when you make the best food choices, have the right breakfast, plan and prepare your meals you still might have sugar or salt cravings. We live in the real world where there is NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION.
The best thing you can do for yourself is to know which foods satisfy you without setting you up for more cravings later on in the day. Since we all have different food likes and dislikes you will want to test out these foods to see which ones work best for you.

Foods That Curb Cravings:
1 tbsp of raw almond butter
¼ - ½ cup of guacamole with 12 Mary’s crackers
1 ounce of full fat cheese
¼ cup of homemade trail mix
1-2 squares of 75% or higher dark chocolate
¼ cup salted cashews
½ cup unsweetened apple sauce with 1 tbsp of chia seeds

Start using these 3 tips to calm your cravings this week and see how you feel.