Maca Choco Flax Balls

This recipe is all about balancing hormones and feeling great. There are three key ingredients that work together and taste great too: Maca powder, cocoa powder and ground flax seeds. Maca has a way of using cues from the body to balance hormones, this makes it an “adaptogen”. For women, maca is all about improving testosterone and boosting the libido. Cocoa powder, or raw cacao powder if you prefer, is high in magnesium- a great relaxant for both the mind and muscles. Flax seeds are high in omega 3 (for the brain), fiber (to detoxify) and phytoestrogens (to reduce hot flashes and control belly fat).

¼ cup ground flax seeds
2 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp sesame seeds
6 large fresh medjool dates
2 tbsp dark cocoa powder or raw cacao
1 tbsp maca powder
2 tsp virgin coconut oil
1. Place the flax seeds, tahini and sesame seeds in the bowl of a high-powered blender, such as the Vitamix, and process until well combined.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients.
3. Process until a ball forms. You might have to scrape down the sides.
4. Take the ball out and place on a plate.
5. Roll into smaller 1-inch balls.

Makes about 15 one inch balls

Tip: Enjoy a couple Maca Choco Flax Balls right away! For those that are left over, store them in the freezer, because once flaxseeds are ground they begin to oxidize and have a tendency to go rancid. Freezing keeps them fresh until you are ready for more.

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